Cassini - Le vin


The Cassini vineyard extends over 2 hectares and, at over 40 years old, brings out the best of the soil for a modest output of 41 hectolitres per hectare. The wine is a blend of Merlot (85%), Cabernet Franc (10%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (5%). Spared from trimming, insecticides and preservatives, the grapes are sorted on the vine and harvested by hand in small containers. Wine production takes place over 3 weeks being careful not to rush the marc and the natural fermentation of the grape, followed by 22 months in cement vats with moderate aeration and little antioxidants. Bottling is achieved through gravity with neither fining nor filtration. The wine boasts a rich and vibrant ruby colour, revealing its complexity and elegance. Its finely-blended and delicate structure is evident in its bouquet of ripe and candied fruit, prunes, and hints of flowers, spices and berries.

A word of advice: Do not hesitate to open a bottle more than one hour before tasting.

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