The Wine Grower

    Arnaud Daudier was born in 1960 in Libourne. He is a descendant of Jean-Dominique Cassini, an astronomer and engineer, a Frenchman of Italian origin. Passionate about wine-growing, he was certified in Avignon in 1978 as an agricultural technician specialising in viticulture oenology. He perfected his craft during advanced training in wine production and while responsible for the wine storehouses at the Château Figeac and Château Le Tertre Roteboeuf in Saint-Emilion. For several years, Arnaud was a wine merchant for the Caves Leblond and the Maison Cuvelier-Fauvarque in Lille. Upon his return to the Bordeaux region, he became involved in the management of his family’s 7 hectare vineyard in Saint-Emilion and created a distribution agency selling 30,000 bottles of Saint-Emilion and 15,000 bottles of Bordeaux per year to buyers in Paris. In 1999, he acquired a 1.93 hectare vineyard in Saint-Emilion, since then renovating the home and storehouse and devoting himself to his wine. Arnaud has 3 children.


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